Google Panda 2.2 Update Another Blow to Content Farms

Paul Lilly

Google earlier this year essentially declared war on so-called "content farms," sites like and that kick out stories of questionable value to readers but are optimized for high search rankings. To cut down on the clutter and ensure more relevant links rank higher than poor quality links, Google updated its internal search algorithm called Panda back in February. Now Google is looking to update its algorithm again, this time to address a common complaint from webmasters.

According to , Google's upcoming Panda 2.2 update will address the issue that some sites that scrape and republish content end up out-ranking the original source.

Google's Matt Cutts confirmed as much during a keynote at the SMX Advanced conference earlier this week, in which he also said that Google will continue to tweak Panda as necessary. You can think of it as sort of an arms race between Google's search algorithm and content farms looking for ways to outsmart it.

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