Google Offers A $1,337 Bounty on Chrome Bugs

Justin Kerr

Google has been waging a very public war against IE6, but it would all seem a bit hypocritical if similar vulnerabilities were also found in Chrome. As a preventative measure, Google is offering up anywhere from $500-$1337 to any user who finds and reports a flaw using its Chromium Bug Tracker forums.

The initiative is vaguely similar to a program being offered by Mozilla, but it is still a great way to prove to the public that they are taking security vulnerabilities seriously. It gives the open source community both a reason to poke around in the code, and a healthy reward for being a good digital Samaritan. At the very least its reassuring to know users have a way to report vulnerabilities to the company, and feel confident they will be taken seriously. It feels like every time a new critical flaw in IE is discovered, it was disclosed to the public in an attempt to pressure Microsoft into working on a patch.

Does news like this help warm you up to Chrome?

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