Google Now Lets Parents Lock SafeSearch in Place

Ryan Whitwam

Google has clearly revolutionized internet search. The Internet being what it is, it isn’t uncommon for Google to pull up some, shall we say, risqué material. That’s why Google created SafeSearch. By changing the search settings, Google will automatically filter out inappropriate results. Now the big G is providing a way to lock SafeSearch on all Google domains.

When SafeSearch is locked, a series of orbs will be in the upper right corner of all search results to confirm that SafeSearch is locked. These settings even remain in place if a user logs out of the Google account in question. A user will need to log in to the original Google account to change these settings.

While it’s better than nothing, it has its flaws. Running a different browser circumvents the system, allowing the settings to be changed. If any parents think their kids aren’t smarter than them when it comes to the internet, they need to think again. This system may still be handy for employers that want to keep workers on task, or for playing pranks on friends. If you want to give it a shot, whatever your reason, hit the story link above for a full walkthrough

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