Google Now is Coming to Desktop Chrome

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Google Now made its debut in Android Jelly Bean, however, work has begun to bring its features to desktop Chrome.

Google Now was named Popular Science’s “ Innovation of the Year ” for 2012, and it’s well deserved. Google’s intelligent personal assistant is nothing short of astonishing. Apple users might want you to believe Siri is superior, however, few users who have experienced both would likely agree. Google has a huge head start when it comes to voice recognition accuracy, and when it comes to understanding and presenting relevant information, there is simply no contest. Google Now has been exclusive to Jelly Bean devices, however, it looks like the company is getting ready to roll out at least a few of these features to desktop Chrome .

The latest Chromium beta release has been dissected by developers, and they have uncovered a “skeleton” framework for displaying Google Now cards. Cards are snapshots of information that Google thinks you might need to know about. This could be as basic as offering directions to the restaurant you just looked up, or as fancy as a reminder for an upcoming flight it found buried in your Gmail. At present nothing has been activated, but clearly the company is working on porting its predictive search features over to the desktop in the coming months.

The incentives for staying within the Google ecosystem are getting higher every day, and so is the cost of being concerned about your digital privacy.

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