Google+ Now Allows You To Share Circles

Ryan Whitwam

Google Plus' big killer feature from the start has been that it lets users organize their friends and acquaintances into Circles to control what is shared, and with whom. But creating all these curated groups seemed a little like a half baked feature seeing as you couldn’t let anyone else in on that perfectly organized group. Well, now you can . Google is rolling out the ability to share circles on Google+.

To share a Circle, just click on the Circle in question and choose Share. This will pull up the familiar composition field where you can choose who to share it with. Anyone that you’ve deemed fit to see the post will be able to see and add the people in the Circle, but not the name of it (that’s always private). The Circle can be shared with any of your Circles, or made public (where’s Xzibit?).This is a one-time post, so no one else will see future modifications to the shared Circle unless you share it again.

As usual, the feature is rolling out gradually, so get those Circles in shape. Will you take advantage of this? Any Circles you want to share?

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