Google News Roundup: White Nexus 7 32GB, Chromecast Bundle, and New Play Edition Devices

Paul Lilly

A new color Nexus 7 tablet for the holidays

If you're looking to order a Nexus 7 tablet that looks a little different from the ones your friends and family own, we have good news. It's now available in white , though only for the 32GB Wi-Fi model. Those of you shopping the 16GB SKU are still stuck with black. Other than the color of the backside, it's the same Nexus 7 as any other 2013 model, though Google has some more holiday treats of note.

If you buy a Nexus 7 and Chromecast together, Google will give you a $35 Google Play credit and ship your goods for free. The Google Play credit essentially pays for the Chromecast dongle, so if you can make good use of it, then it's basically a swap in currency.

Finally, Google added a couple of new devices to its Google Play edition lineup. These include the Sony Z Ultra smartphone for $649 and LG G Pad 8.3 for $350. Google Play edition devices automatically receive the latest Android software updates and are free from carrier clutter and third-party overlays.

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