Google Music Users Receiving Two Invites Each

Ryan Whitwam

There hasn’t been a lot to report regarding Google’s cloud music service in recent weeks, but Mountain View took a major step today. Google is in the process of rolling out an invite system to the beta Google Music service. Each user will have two invites to give to friends. It is still US-only, but this could be a sign the service is moving toward a real release.

Google Music allows users to upload as many as 20,000 tracks to Google’s servers, then play those tracks back via the web or Android phones. Unlike Amazon’s Cloud Player, there is no MP3 store integration with Google Music. A desktop helper program can watch folder to automatically upload tracks as they are added, but Amazon’s system doesn’t even require a download.

We aren’t seeing invites attached to our account as of yet, so you may have to wait to dole yours out. Have you been using Google Music? How does it stack up in your eyes?

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