Google Music Store "Twist" Could Be Sharing

Ryan Whitwam

Google’s Android lead, Andy Rubin said at AsiaD recently that Google was very close to rolling out music purchases, but he added there would be a “twist.” What could that be? Well, Business Insider claims to have the skinny, and it’s actually rather useful. According to a source, Google’s music service will let user share a purchased song with a friend for some indeterminate period of time.

Google isn’t the first company to go down this route. Microsoft’s original Zune had a similar feature called Squirting. Although, the suspicion is that the Google version will only allow streaming of the borrowed tracks. Google also has an advantage in music sales that Microsoft didn’t have in that Android is huge right now. If mp3 buying showed up in the Android Market, it would be huge.

Google is expected to pay the big music labels huge up-front fees for this kind of sharing and streaming license. Indie labels are reportedly peeved about getting left out of these deals. The tipster also indicated the service was due out by the end of 2011.

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