Google Music Now Lets U.S. Users Download All Their Uploaded Songs

Ryan Whitwam

Google Music has allowed users to upload as many as 20,000 songs since it launched last year, but those tracks were stuck in the cloud. Only purchased songs could easily be downloaded to a local PC. Well, today that has changed, and U.S. users of Google Music are now able to pull down their entire cloud-synced music library of uploaded and purchased tracks.

An updated version of Google’s Music manager desktop application will need to be installed to allow this new functionality. This could be a boon to users, many of whom spent days uploading all their tracks to Google’s servers. The Music Manager software is an all or nothing approach that imports all the unprotected MP3s in a user’s library. This change means that Google Music has instantly become a legitimate backup solution for your music collection.

Google also added a new feature that lets you share the official YouTube video for any Google Music song on Google+. Click the drop down next to a track to share the video to your circles. This is cool, but we’re more amped about the full library downloads. What about you?

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