Google Music Expected To Officially Launch November 16

Ryan Whitwam

You may be thinking that Google Music launched months ago, but you’d be wrong. This whole time it’s been another of Google’s famous betas. Well, now it seems a sure thing that the search giant is about to launch the service for real , and music purchases could be part of the deal. An event called “These Go To Eleven” is slated for November 16th.

The Google Music product we currently have is a music locker service that uploads all a user’s tracks to the Google cloud, ans allows access to them from a web browser, or Android phone. The final service is expected top have a “twist” of some sort, but we don’t know what that could be just yet. A sharing system has been rumored.

None of the major music labels have confirmed deals with Google, but sources have indicated that a number of smaller labels are on board. What do you want out of Google Music?

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