Google Music Beta Starts Rolling Out Invites

Paul Lilly

Have you gotten your invite yet? No, not the one to the party, but to Google's Music Beta service. Don't hang your head and pout if you haven't received yours yet, it will probably arrive soon, assuming you requested one in the first place. Word on the web is that Google has begun sending out invites to us regular folk, opening up the beta service to non-Xoom owners.

Engadget says it's received word from "numerous tipsters" that Google is chucking invites through cyberspace to those who requested one through the site. To recap, Google Music was announced at Google I/O as a way for music lovers to store and access their awesome song collection from anywhere. Once you upload songs to the cloud-based service, you can't download them like you can through Amazon, but you can stream them from any PC. You can create and sync playlists and edit track info, and then access it all from your Android device, too.

But, you need an invite, just like you used to need one for Gmail many moons ago. If you haven't already, go request one .

Image Credit: Google

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