Google Mobile App Arrives on Windows Mobile

Pulkit Chandna

Google Mobile App is now available on Windows Mobile. It is basically a search application with an ambiguous name . The Google Mobile App spares lazy mobile users the trouble of opening their browser for initiating an online search.

You might want to know about the amount of time that can be saved with this app. According to Google, it is possible to get "search results for identical queries nearly 50% faster from Google Mobile App than from navigating to in the mobile browser."

The search application can not only be accessed directly from the start menu, but it is also possible to summon it to action while another application is active by pressing a shortcut key assigned to it (assigned by the user).

There are not too many reasons for WM users to overlook this application. Apart from search, the Google Mobile App also provides instant access to many other popular web services, including Google Maps, Gmail and Google News.

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