Google Maps Now Helps You Stroll to Your Destination


Search Engine Roundtable reports that Google Maps now provides optional walking directions. Just click Get Directions, enter the starting and ending addresses, click the Get Directions button, and select the Walking option. You get a map with walker-friendly directions (no freeways for you!) and timings as part of the package.

In my tests, Google Maps provided useful walking directions for locations within about 6 miles of the starting location (the official limit is 10Km , or about 6.2 miles). However, if you're wanting to plan a longer hike, you're on your own. And, keep in mind that the directions are in beta, and "use caution when walking in unfamiliar areas." You Have Been Warned.

To learn more about these and other improvements to Google Maps, drop in frequently on the Google Earth and Map team's LatLong Blog .

Give it a try and tell us how you like (or hate) this new feature.

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