Google Maps Android App Breaches 1 Billion Downloads Mark

Pulkit Chandna

Only the second Android app to do so

Seeing as how Google’s many apps are a staple on most Android devices, it’s not surprising that some of the most downloaded apps on the world’s most popular mobile platform come from the search engine giant’s stable. It was only last month that it became the first company to have an Android app with over 1 billion downloads , and now it has two.

The Google Maps Android application, which debuted in late 2008 and became the first app on the platform to reach the 50 million downloads mark in 2011, has now amassed over 1 billion downloads , making it only the second app to do so after Gmail.

With many other Google-developed apps, including Search, Text-to-Speech and YouTube, not too far behind, we expect Android’s 1 billion downloads club to remain an all-Google affair for quite some time to come.

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