Google Makes Gmail Redesign Official, Try It Now

Ryan Whitwam

After giving Google users a few months to get accustomed to the ongoing redesign of Google services, Mountain View has unleashed the designers on the one and only Gmail. The new Gmail UI is similar to the preview theme released in July, but makes better use of negative space. If you’ve seen the Reader, Docs, and Calendar redesigns, you’ll know what to expect.

To switch to the new look now, just click the link to that effect in the lower right corner of the Gmail window. You’ll get a nice video preview of the changes, as well as the option to switch back. The new Conversation view has been simplified, and the entire inbox area re-sizes with the window. The new search box has multiple fields for the various parts of the message, and there is even a field to exclude terms.

Google has also updated some of the most popular themes to take advantage of the new, sharper style. These so-called “HD” themes are available in the settings page, but classic themes are still there as well. How do you feel about the new Gmail.

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