Google Makes Chrome Browser Logins Official

Ryan Whitwam

After months of trials and tweaking in the Chrome experimental and beta channels, Google has finally added multi-account logins to Chrome’s official build. The feature is now called “ Sign in to Chrome ,” but was previously being called Chrome Sync. Users will have the option to authorize any copy of Chrome they use to pull down bookmarks, web history, extensions, and more.

The feature is nestled in Chrome’s not too obvious settings menu under the wrench icon. The default setting is to sync everything, but users can exclude some data if need be. Any change made on one connected client will be replicated on the others instantly. This applies to the desktop program, ChromeBooks, and the Android 4.0 browser. Multiple profiles are also possible with the new update.

Users can switch profiles on the fly to get to the individual user profiles. Google also offers to encrypt all the data that is stored in the cloud, but the default setting is only to encrypt passwords. Have you signed into Chrome?

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