Google Launches YouTube Leanback Remote App

Ryan Whitwam

Google has launched a new app today that ties in with YouTube on both the Google TV and the computer. The app (for Android 2.1 and higher) is called YouTube Remote , and it promises easier control of the YouTube Leanback experience. All you have to do is install the app, then log into YouTube with your phone's main Google account on either Google TV or the website.

When you have successfully paired the phone and Leanback, the app will show you the tops in various categories, and allow you to search. Anything you select will be shown on the paired display, be it a PC or Google TV. When not paired, the app works like a mini Leanback in its own right.

We found the setup to be almost instantaneous, and the control intents were registered on the computer very quickly. The whole experience is slick, but we wish this functionality was just built into the YouTube app. It's free in the market if you're interested.

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