Google Launches Public DNS Resolver

Maximum PC Staff

The fears of Microsoft taking over the world can be put safely to rest. It seems that Google is the one to worry about. Google provides us with a search engine, email, web apps, phone service, and whatever the heck Wave is. (You can even spy on people from space.) Now, to further envelope you in the Google Internet experience, Google is making available a public DNS resolution service.

The Domain Name System (DNS), are the street addresses of the Internet. You type in a URL, often containing a name, that gets translated into a series of dot-separated numbers. The look-up takes time, and can pose some security/privacy risks. As Google notes, if you spend time browsing the net you probably do a whole lot of DNS look-ups.

Rather than use your default DNS look-up system, the one your Internet service provider offers, you can configure your browser to go through Google’s system instead. Google promises greater speed in look-ups, as well as better security.

All of which comes at a price. Google, like all others, will extract a little bit of you by tracking your DNS look-up requests. Google swears it will keep the information confidential, in particular not linking it to any other Google service. Data, depending on type, won’t be kept for more than two weeks , except for a random subset that’s stored permanently. (With marketing the most likely destination.)

Image Credit: Google

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