Google Launches Newsstand, We Give Away the Holiday 2013 Issue of Maximum PC

Maximum PC Staff

Happy Holidays!

Google ’s decided to combine its Currents and Play Magazines apps on Android into Google Play Newsstand . To celebrate, we’re giving away the Google Play edition of our latest issue for free —it'll be back to $7.99 on Nov. 27! Get the scoop on 57 fascinating websites you don’t know about and the usual magazine goodness in the Holiday 2013 issue.

This represents Google's attempt to consolidate its various news and media apps. As the direct replacement to Google Play Magazines, Newsstand combines newspaper subscriptions, magazines, blogs, and news sites. Users of Google's Currents app will receive notifications to ugprade to Newsstand.

If you’re not already a subscriber to the print or digital editions, go subscribe now!

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