Google Launches Google Fiber for Communities Site

Ryan Whitwam

Google began accepting applications from towns and cities back in February to be part of their new high-speed fiber broadband initiative. While the winning municipalities won’t be announce until later this year, Google is looking to help everyone get some faster internet access. To these ends, the search giant is launching the Google Fiber for Communities site.

This isn’t going to be some sort of magical site to get that sweet, sweet Google fiber, but rather a site to help communities get there themselves. Google said in the blog post that they were inspired to do this after seeing the 1,100 community applications and 200,000 individual responses to their fiber initiative. It's nice, but we'd rather have Google do it for us.

The site offers information about federal legislation and zoning that affect fiber deployment. They also link to various organizations that could be of help. We would like to see better connection become common place. Could the Google Fiber for Communities site help us get there?

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