Google Launches Congressional Debate Channel on YouTube

Paul Lilly

You don't come to Maximum PC for political debates so we're not going to go off on a tangent about what this country does and doesn't need. At the same time, if you live and breathe politics, or simply want to see where members of Congress stand, Google has made it easy with its new Town Hall channel on YouTube. Go there, select an issue, and watch a couple of short videos of politicians doing what they do best: talking.

"The most supported videos will be tracked on the YouTube Town Hall Leaderboard," Google says . "After you watch the video, you'll find out which party the representative coems from -- and sometimes you might be surprised."

Unfortunately you can't type in just any issue. Instead, you'll choose from different topics, current ones being Budget, Energy, Economy, Health Care, Education, and Afghanistan. You know, the usual topics that tend to get the blood flowing and, in some cases, the blood pressure rising.

Sound fun? If so, go have a ball here .

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