Google Latitude Makes it Easier Than Ever to Stalk Your Friends

Maximum PC Staff

Stalking your friends and family (and others?) just became a lot easier thanks to Google’s latest app for your mobile device, Latitude . The app simply works by using location-based technology built into one’s cell phone to track their every movement, so you can know exactly where they are, at all times.

Currently Latitude is available for Google’s G1, color-screen BlackBerrys, most Windows Mobile devices as well as other assorted smart phones. Google has mentioned that they’re working on a version for the iPhone, iPod touch and Sony Ericcson phones.

Sadly for Google, they’re a tiny bit late to the party, as other applications such as Loopt and Where are already following people on plenty of devices. But, given the name-power of a company such as Google (as well as the admittedly good work they do), there’s little doubt that this will catch on to be as popular, if not more, than the other guys.

Sound a little creepy? Well, truthfully it is. But, when you think of it as a tool for weary parents to keep track of their kids, or weary kids keeping track of their elderly parents it does make a little bit of sense.

Image Credit: Google

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