Google Latitude Adds Location History and Location Alerts

Ryan Whitwam

Google Latitude just got a little bit more useful, and creepy . Latitude now has support for Location History and Location Alerts. Locations History allows you (and only you) to view a log of your various Latitude check-ins. These can be overlaid on Google Maps or Google Earth.

If you have Location History enabled, there’s another feature available to you. Location Alerts is a service (still in beta, for whatever that’s worth at Google) that will notify you if you are near one of your Latitude friends. You can choose enable SMS and/or email notifications. The system automatically filters out places you go often. So if the next door neighbor is on your Google Latitude friend list, you won’t be notified every time you go home.

If these new features sound intriguing to you, head on over to the Latitude apps page to enable.

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