Google Kicks Out Pre-Release Version of Chrome 8 Browser


Need a little adventure in your day-to-day browsing? You might find it by playing with pre-release browsers, though we wouldn't suggest using one for mission critical applications or anywhere else where stability trumps curiosity.

For everyone else, you can hop over to Google's dev channel and download an early look at Chrome 8. There's still a lot of work to be done, but you'll also gain access to a handful of new and improved features, including better hardware acceleration and the new "Instant search" integrated into Chrome's URL bar.

Hardware acceleration is so far limited to 2D animations that use HTML5 coding, but hey, it's there. You'll also discover limited support for Google's Cloud Printing initiative. If you want to go buck wild playing with new features and controls, hit up the Labs page once you install Chrome 8 to see a list of experimental features.

Google Developer Channel

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