Google Jumps on IE9 Release with WebM Video Plug-In

Paul Lilly

In case you missed it, Microsoft last night put its final coat of polish on Internet Explorer 9 and released the finished browser to the public. Not wasting any time, Google has made available its WebM video plug-in for IE9. It's not a finished release, but a technology preview that Google admits has some known issues. What those issues are is anyone's guess, as the page Google links too is still blank.

"They said elephants could ride flying dolphins. They said that one of the world's most popular browsers couldn't play WebM video in HTML5. They were wrong," Google quips on its WebM plug-in page.

Google's plug-in is the latest volley in the battle for HTML5 embedded video. The browser landscape is divided with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox all backing the open WebM standard, which uses the VP8 video codec, while Safari and IE9 both support the proprietary H.264 video codec.

You can read more about the battle for HTML5 video here .

Image Credit: Google

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