Google Isn't Planning to Merge Android and Chrome

Paul Lilly

Google's Eric Schmidt talked about keeping the search giant's two popular OSes separate from each other.

When Google announced that Android boss Andy Rubin was stepping aside and handing the reins over to Sundar Pichai, senior vice president for Chrome and Apps, it was only natural to wonder if, going forward, Android and Chrome would end up merging. Maybe someday they will, but for the time being, Google is adamant that both with remain independent operating systems serving two different markets.

That tidbit comes direct from Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, according to a Reuters report . However, Schmidt did concede that Android and Chrome could see some overlap, which is to be expected even if Pichai didn't take over as head of Android, considering that both platforms serve mobile markets.

Schmidt's stance contradicts comments he made two years ago at Mobile World Congress.

"We’re working overtime to get those technologies merged in the right way,” Schmidt said at the time, according to TechCrunch . "I learned a long time ago, don’t force technology to merge when it’s not ready, wait for the technology to mature to the point when it can be merged."

What does it all mean? That's a good question. Whichever direction Google takes Android and Chrome, Schmidt can point to past comments and say, "Told you so."

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