Google I/O Pushed Back, Extended

Ryan Whitwam

Google’s Spring conference, known as Google I/O is one of the most anticipated events in tech these days. The search giant demos new products, talks about big ideas, and gives away a ton of gadgets. But Google I/O 2012 is going to be a little different . The conference has been pushed back nearly 2 months to late June, and developers might have to prove themselves worthy to even get in.

The new dates for the even are June 27-29, but the venue is the the same; Moscone Center in San Francisco. Google says the change has allowed it to extend the length of the event from 2 days to 3. Since no tickets have been sold, the change shouldn’t affect anyone too badly. The other change is a vague suggestion that developer that want in should brush up on coding before tickets are available in February.

Some have insinuated that Google I/O will only be open to devs with skills to compete, but we suspect that Google will just hold a certain number of spots for talented coders. Last year’s Google I/O sold out so fast that most interested parties were unable to go.

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