Google Integrates Picnik Photo Editor with Picasa

Ryan Whitwam

It was just back in March that Google acquired online photo editor Picnik. Google has now rolled out Picnik integration with the company's Picasa Web Albums . When viewing an image in Picasa, the Edit drop down offers the option to open the file in Picnik. The Picnik interface we're all familiar with is loaded in a frame, overtop of the Picasa page.

Picnik is a fairly impressive Flash-based image editor that won many fans before it was bought by The Big G. Picnik allows users to resize and crop, as well as add various effects. A pro version is available for $4.95 a month that allows access to additional effects and fonts. There are some rumors that a version of Picnik could be available in Google's desktop Picasa software soon, but we'd really like to see some of this come to Android.

The Picnik acquisition seems mostly aimed at making the upcoming Chrome OS more useful. The OS is supposed to be heavily dependent on web apps instead of traditional desktop software. In the meantime, give Picnik a shot on Picasa.

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