Google Insists Chrome OS Still Focused on Netbooks


The rumor mill has been very busy churning out tablet rumors in recent times. Last month, tech blog DownloadSquad made its long-awaited contribution to the growing body of tablet rumors by claiming that HTC was building a Chrome OS tablet, which would be launched by Verizon on Black Friday, November 26 – the busiest shopping day of the year. But the chances of that happening are virtually nonexistent, if Anders Sandholm, Google Chrome's senior product manager, is to be believed.

"What we are focusing on is netbooks in terms of form-factor and providing a really good experience for that," Sandholm told our sister site TechRadar . Although he didn't rule out “experiments in things like touch and other form-factors,” it is clear from Sandholm's comments that a Chrome OS-based tablet is not currently in the works. The first Chrome OS devices will be available next year.

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