Google Increases Android App Cap from 50MB to 4GB

Paul Lilly

If you're an Android developer, go ahead and belt out a hearty "Huzzah!" And if you're an Android user, you can do the same. What's all this Huzzah business? It's about bigger apps! Google this week announced that it's lifting its 50MB cap on Android Market apps and replacing it with a much more roomy 4GB cap to accommodate high-quality 3D interactive games and more local resources.

Yes folks, that means there will be bigger app downloads in some cases, but hey, that's all the more reason to jump on the 4G bandwagon. To be clear, the size of the APK file will still carry a 50MB weight limit, only now developers have been green lighted to attach up to two fat 2GB expansion files weighing in at 2GB each. Previous to the update, developers were forced to host the files themselves.

Google says most newer devices will grab the expansion files automatically when downloading an app from the Android Market, and the refund period won't begin until all files are pulled from cyberspace and plopped onto your smartphone.

"While you can use the two expansion files any way you wish, we recommend that one serve as the initial download and be rarely if ever updated; the second can be smaller and serve as a 'patch carrier,' getting versioned with each major release," Google advised app developers in a blog post .

Google says you'll be able to see the total size of the app and all of the attached downloads before purchasing and installing.

Image Credit: (kevindeng)

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