Google Image Search Gets Sorted Out

Ryan Whitwam

Google has announced an interesting new feature for Google image search. Users will now be able to sort image results by subject to better find the picture they are after. This feature has the potential to take a random pile of images, and help users make sense of it all.

As the feature rolls out over the next week or so, you will notice that the sidebar has a new "Sort by subject" option. If you click this, your results will be reorganized with headers for the subject of the image. Google used the example of London in their blog post. If a user searches for London, then organizes by subject, they can get all the images of Big Ben in one place, and all the snapshots of Tower Bridge in a separate row.

We're especially intrigued with the idea that Sort by subject could help identify images you otherwise wouldn't be able to. You might not know what the name of that bridge in London is, but with this new feature, you might be able to find out very quickly. Can you think up any uses for Sort by subject?

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