Google Hits Unique Visitor Milestone

Brad Chacos

In its "Do No Evil" quest to become the entire Internet, Google hit a milestone in May that no other website has ever hit before. Just when you thought that the company couldn't possibly attract new visitors simply because everybody and his sister already used the service – no one searches the Web anymore, after all, they Google it – the Internet giant became the first website to ever have 1 billion unique visitors in a month.

It looks like the China fracas didn't faze users in other countries. So how does the world's biggest website keep drawing in new eyeballs? It's all about the extra services. The Wall Street Journal says that Gmail and YouTube both contributed significantly to Google's total.

Google's billion-user breakthrough occurred after an 8.4 percent increase in visitors over the past year. Those 1 billion visitors spent about 200 billion minutes on Google's sites, or just over three hours per person. Microsoft's had an even bigger viewership gain over the past year, with a 15 percent increase in users. The Redmond-based company nearly cracked the billion user mark itself, but fell just short at 905 million. When comScore first began tracking Internet traffic in 2006, Microsoft actually held the edge over Google by around 45 million visitors.

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