Google Hands Out $3,133.7 Reward for Chrome Bug

Paul Lilly

Google's Chromium Security Rewards program offers participants cash bounties for the discovery of eligible bugs. Rewards range in value from $500 to an 'elite' $3133.7 (get it?), and up until now, that max payout has never been claimed.

Enter Sergey Glazunoz, who will not only collect Google's first ever elite reward for discovering a "Critical" bug, but several thousand more for unearthing four other bugs classified as "High."

"We're delighted to offer our first 'elite' $3,133.7 Chromium Security Reward to Sergey Glazunov," Google said in a blog post . "Critical bugs are harder to come by in Chrome, but Sergey has done it. Sergey also collects a $1,337 reward and several other rewards at the same time, so congratulations Sergey!"

Congratulations indeed. For his efforts, Glazunov will collect a cool $7,470.70 from Google.

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