Google Glass Now Shipping with 2GB of RAM, Early Explorers Peeved

Paul Lilly

Google Glass comes with twice as much RAM as before, but only for new orders

Being an early adopter comes with its own set of risks and rewards, as some Google Glass "Explorers" are finding out. In a Google+ post today, the Mountain View firm announced that all new Glass orders will ship with 2GB of RAM . That's twice as much as the 1GB of RAM all previous Glass orders contained, and with no plans to upgrade existing users, some early adopters are feeling burned.

For Google, this is just the natural evolution of a product that's still in beta. Since launching last year, Google's improved Glass battery life by over 20 percent, made search 10 percent faster, and added new wearable options such as frames, shades, and prescription support.

"If defective Glass units get free upgrades to 2GB, you will see a lot of 'defective' models this month," a user wrote in the comments section of Google's post .

"Thanks Google Glass for basically saying you don't care about the explorers who've helped you push glass to the forefront and making people understand them and see what potential they have. We're not asking for a lot but some love and it looks like you've just slammed the door on us current Explorers. I'm more upset because I thought you guys would've done better then this. You weren't obligated to do it but doing it would've shown and said a lot," another user wrote.

Not everyone in the comments section feels sympathetic to angry early adopters.

"Wow guys, do you not understand how beta tests work? You get an inferior product out of the gate. If you aren't willing to deal with the consequences of that, don't sign up to be a tester and wait for the finished product," another user wrote.

All that aside, RAM isn't the only upgrade Google rolled out. Google also made it easier to frame your shots -- just say, "OK Glass, show the viewfinder" and you'll see four Ls in the four corners that frame your potential photo. And finally, there are two new Google Now cards to remind you where you parked your car and let you know when packages are coming your way.

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