Google Glass Captures Fight and Subsequent Arrest

Paul Lilly

It was bound to happen sometime

You knew it would only be a matter of time before someone wearing a set of Google Glass Explorers would record authorities making an arrest, it's just mildly surprising it happened so fast. After all, it's not like any ol' Joe can grab a set of Glasses -- they're mainly in the hands of developers, and for others hoping to score a pair, Google's no longer accepting applications at this time.

Apparently there were enough in the wild for Glass to notch its first recorded fight and arrest sequence. According to VentureBeat , it happened during a rowdy July 4th celebration on a New Jersey boardwalk. Chris Barrett, founder of PRServe and a documentary filmmaker, happened to be on the scene while wearing his set of Glasses that he picked up only a week ago.

"I wanted to test Glass out, so I filmed some fireworks, getting a very cool first-person perspective," Barrett told VentureBeat .

A little while later, he found himself on the boardwalk where the incident took place. It's not a terribly interesting video by any means, but as far as we know, it's the first time Google Glass has captured an arrest. Only a billion more to go before it catches up with smartphones and dedicated video recorders.

You can check out the video below ( NSFW due to language ):

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