Google Gets US and EU Approval to Buy Motorola

Ryan Whitwam

We heard last week that Google was tantalizingly close to getting regulatory approval in the EU for its proposed takeover of Motorola Mobility, and today the search giant got that approval . Not only that, but US regulators came down in favor of Google a little earlier than expected. The company now has an almost free hand to absorb Motorola and get access to all those juicy patents.

Google announced the Motorola purchase last year, saying that it would pay $12.5 billion for the company. In the interest of gaining faster approval, Google said it would run Motorola as a separate business. Of course, that wouldn't stop El Goog from using all 17,000 of those cellular patents Motorola has to protect Android.

Regulators also approved the purchase of Nortel’s patent portfolio by a group including Apple and Microsoft. At least Google has a little ammo for the always escalating patent war. What do you think is going to happen to Motorola after the buyout?

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