Google+ Gets New Features

Ryan Whitwam

Google has let loose with a torrent of updates to its Google+ social network in advance of the new year. Among the improvements are changes to notifications, Pages, and the stream. Some of these are minor, and some are things people have been begging for.

A change to the stream aims to make it easier to find the content that is most important to the user. When viewing posts from a single Circle, users can use a slider to set the relative importance of that Circle. This changes the prominence of posts from the Circle in the main timeline. If you want to see everything that Circle posts, go for it. Just a little? Also possible.

Notifications have been given an overhaul with clearer descriptions, and previews of content. The layout is also much better. Lastly, Google has finally fixed Pages by allowing Page owners to set up to 50 managers for a page. These managers will have a second notification system that clues them into the happenings on that account. Will all this get you on Google+ more?

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