Google Gets Censored in Yet Another Country

Maximum PC Staff

Cry for Google, Argentina. The truth is, they never left you, but given the current legal battle over search results – they just might.

Dozens of fashion models and public figures, such as sports star Diego Maradona , are currently at war with Google over how search results are handed out. While the question as to whether or not certain search results should be censored if they contain a person’s name is answered, Argentine Judges have handed down orders to temporarily abbreviate search results.

These restraints mean that Google has to censor searches from Argentinean sites that contain the plaintiff’s names. Though, this does not apply to those of us in the United States.

Google has recently joined forces with Yahoo and other human rights groups to create the Global Network Initiative, a foundation for communications technology companies to follow in response to laws in various countries that might conflict with an Internet user’s privacy or freedom of expression. While the interest of this initiative is to provide the fullest Internet experience to everyone around the world, it is likely that they will do everything in their power to comply with local law.

Image Credit: Google, Argentina

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