Google Force Feeds Background Images to Search Page

Paul Lilly

With every browser now sporting integrated search capabilities, we find ourselves on Google's main landing page less and less. Should you wander over to, however, you'll notice that the search titan has begun adding background photos, representing a dramatic departure from the minimalistic look that has become a staple of Google's homepage.

For those of you not digging the change and voicing your displeasure via Twitter, Google has heard your complaints and had this to say:

"The Google home page should be back to normal tomorrow where you can keep it in its simple and classic look, choose to upload an image or photo, or switch back and forth," a Google spokeswoman said .

For everyone else, the images are a welcome change, and there are a whole bunch to choose from, including some gorgeous landscape photos from National Geographic. You'll also find artwork from sculptors and a whole host of other images broken down into a Public gallery and Editor's pics, or you can use an image from your PC or My Picasa Web photos.

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