Google Finally Adds Sharing to +1 Button

Ryan Whitwam

You would have expected when the Google +1 button and Google+ launched, that they would have tight integration. Yeah, not so much. The +1 button was mostly used to improve Google search results, but Google has announced a new version of the button that makes sharing easier.

Should you decide to click a +1 button, there will be a new option to post your selection directly to Google+. The button will offer a pop-up where you can add a comment and select circles just like on the Google+ site. This content is dropped into the stream like any other post.

Google’s other addition is called +1 Snippets. When you do share from the +1 button as described above, Google automatically includes a snippet that contains a link, image, and text snippet from the site. This is a tool that publishers can customize for each domain. The new features are rolling out over the next week or so. If you want to get a look now, check out the Google+ Platform Preview group.

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