Google Files Lawsuit Against Apple- and Microsoft-backed Patent Group

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Rockstar Consortium under fire after targeting Android

Google has decided that enough is enough. The company has filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Consortium —a patent group backed by many of Google’s biggest competitors—claiming that the group’s patent campaign is unfairly targeting Google and its Android partners.

Google’s been at odds with Rockstar since 2011 when Google narrowly lost the auction to buy the Nortel Network’s 6,000 patent portfolio. Rockstar picked up the patents for $4.5 billion and has since used them to sue Google and many of its hardware partners. It’s a battle with clearly drawn sides. Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericsson, and Sony—the backers of the Rockstar Consortium—face off against Google, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and other mobile phone companies.

The thousands of patents and patent applications involve core phone technologies like wireless connectivity, networking, and even semiconductors. Google’s fighting back with its own lawsuit, and it seems that Rockstar’s confidence is wavering. Bloomberg recently reported that some of the Nortel patents are already being sold off.

Gigaom has found a copy of Google’s complaint with some of the particularly relevant bits underlined. Check out the entire document below—it’s not exactly fun reading, but it has all of the specific details.

Google Dec Action vs Rockstar

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