Google Fiber One Step Closer To Reality In KC

Brad Chacos

A net neutrality bill may be hacking its way through Washingtonian red tape as we speak, but its long-term success is far from certain. If you remember correctly, one of the matches that lit the neutrality debate was the threat of ISPs charging extra to provide quick access to popular websites like Google. Google, obviously, wants none of that crap. The company's plan to roll out 1Gbps fiber Internet to Kansas Cities (both of them) is not only a great community outreach program, it makes the Goog its own ISP – and the project's one step closer to reality.

From the Google Fiber Team's blog : "If you’re in Kansas City in the next few weeks, you may notice a few engineers walking around, consulting maps and surveying your street or neighborhood. These engineers are kicking off the next phase of Google Fiber—detail engineering."

"Boots on the Ground," they call it. Basically, Google's engineers are measuring telephone poles around Kansas Cities to make sure all of their numbers jive for an early 2012 launch. It's great news for people from Kansas Cities, but we can't help but be a little jealous. We want 1Gbps in 2012, too!

Image credit: Google Fiber

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