Google Fiber Delivering Face-Melting Speeds Near Stanford

Brad Chacos

The mythical speeds of Google Fiber have been just that until now – mythical. Like the leprechaun’s fabled pot of gold, the service’s high speed riches have existed only in lore, but as of late last week it now has a basis in reality. Even though the Goog’s still busy laying the fiber groundwork in Kansas Cities , a limited Beta apparently launched in a Stanford residential neighborhood recently.

According to Reddit user “TheTeam,” Google just rolled out the service in his neighborhood and its engineers even gave local residents free wireless N routers. TheTeam reports speeds of around 150 Mbps down and 90 Mbps up. So what did he/she do with all that speed?

“The first thing I did was download a movie. 10 minutes :D”

Not bad for a 1.6GB file, not bad at all. We can already see the hysterical “ GOOGLE ENABLING MOVIE PIRACY!!!1! ” headlines in our heads, especially when TheTeam told Reddit readers “I'm going to go on a movie downloading spree.” There’s no monthly bandwidth cap, either. That kind of free Internet has us seriously considering moving out to the old college town.

Keep in mind that this lone Reddit user and his results are the only murmurs we've heard that the Google Fiber Beta is live; Google itself has been mum on the topic.

Thanks to Anandtech for pointing this out!

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