Google Explains Its Open Source Widget Policy

Paul Lilly

In a recent blog entry, the Google Desktop team outlined exactly why it is the search giant has favored keeping its widgets open source for the community. These include:

  • Source code can be a valuable learning tool. The gadgets not only show you how to develop Desktop gadgets (and) integrate with Google APIs, but also provide other tidbits of knowledge such as how to calculate phases of the moon or StarDates.
  • The images and graphics are also open-sourced....We hope people can take advantage of our graphic designers' talents.
  • We get warm fuzzy feelings by simply supporting the cause. It fosters a spirit of openness and collaboration between the team and developer community.

And really, who can argue with warm fuzzy feelings? Silly as it may sound, CNet says it might also be the most important reason, even from a business perspective, as open source makes a great recruiting and retention tool for top employees, which can be vital as companies try to weather a struggling economy.

Hit the jump and tell us what gives you warm fuzzy feelings.

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