Google Exec Reports 1.5 Million Daily Android Activations

Paul Lilly

Android activations are on the rise.

Android co-founder Andy Rubin recently revealed at an economic summit in Tokyo that the world's most popular mobile operating system (OS) was originally conceived to power smart cameras. From those humble beginnings, Android has grown into something bigger, impacting the mobile market in ways that a simple camera platform would never have been able to. Fast forward to today and Google is seeing 1.5 million Android activations per day.

So says Google's Eric Schmidt, who made the claim at the Dive Into Mobile tech conference, according to Engadget . It's been a remarkable run for Android, which was seeing 1.4 million daily activations a month ago and 1.3 million per day last fall.

At the current pace, Schmidt says Android will reach one billion devices by the end of the year, up significantly from the 750 million devices Google chief Larry Page confirmed a month ago. A large part of Android's success has been in getting the platform installed onto affordable devices, and in order to reach the "next five billion people looking to get connected," Schmidt believes Google's hardware partners need to focus on $100 devices.

Are you using Android on any of your gadgets?

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