Google Engineer Makes Facebook Disconnect Chrome Extension

Ryan Whitwam

Facebook Connect is all over the web these days. You'd be hard-pressed to find a major site that doesn't offer to help you "Like" them, even MaxPC uses it. But if you're a Chrome user, and you're also sick and tired of seeing Facebook Connect banners everywhere, a Google engineer by the name of Brian Kennish has come up with an extension called Facebook Disconnect.

This Chrome extension was inspired by the recent Facebook privacy issues, and the developer says he made this on his own with no encouragement from his employer. Facebook Disconnect doesn't just remove the Facebook Page elements. It actually stops traffic going to Facebook from the sites you visit. As such, Facebook cannot track you around the web.

This add-on does not affect your ability to access Facebook itself; you can still use the social networking site by going there. Facebook widgets and buttons around the web will just be gone. If you want to try out the extension, you can get it here .

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