Google Earth Plug-In Now Available For Chrome

Maximum PC Staff

For a while, the Google Earth plug-in was only available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Now, it looks like Google has allowed their very own browser to get in on the fun, making it available as of this week.

“As of ~4 p.m. PST today, Google Chrome 1.0+ on Windows is an officially supported browser,” wrote a Google Employee in an Email sent out to a mailing list yesterday. “That means Chrome users will no longer get the unsupported browser message, and the plugin and API should work just as they would in other supported browsers.”

The plug-in makes websites such as James Stafford’s Mini Flight Sim and Thatcher Ulrich’s Monster Milk Truck available to users of Google’s web browser. And it takes us one step closer to Google’s ultimate goal, merging Google Maps and Google Earth so that they can act as a single product.

Image Credit: James Stafford's Mini Flight Sim

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