Google Earth Now Lets You View Art at 14 Gigapixel High Res


With a struggling and uncertain economy, chances are a trip to Madrid probably isn't in the cards for the immediate future. But just because you might not be planning an overseas vacation doesn't mean you have to miss out on some of the sights; namely the paintings taking residence inside the Prado Museum.

Thanks to a collaboration between Madpixel, Google, and Prado Museum, 14 works are available for viewing through Google Earth at an astounding 14-gigapixel resolution. That's 14 BILLION pixels, and 1,400 times the resolution of a 10MP camera, or up to 100-thousand times that of a normal digital camera. The ultra-high detail allows you to zoom in close enough to see the painter's brushstrokes, Google says .

This marks the first time Google has worked with a first class museum in a project this size, and more artwork is expected to be made available every day for the next two weeks. In the meantime, virtual visitors can also take a tour through a 3D model of the Prado Museum.

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