Google Dumps Toolbar Support For Firefox

Brad Chacos

Firefox is walking an awkward rope with Google. Mozilla receives – and has always received – a lot of funding for Firefox from the Big G, but analysts have expected Google to drop its sugar daddy status ever since the launch of the Chrome browser. So far those analysts have been disappointed, but on Thursday, Google announced it would no longer include support for new versions of Firefox with its Google Toolbar. Was it the first volley fired in a new browser war?

In a word, no. Google's dropping the support because Firefox already offers most of the benefits of Google toolbar, either natively or through the staggering number of add-ons offered for the browser. Google's being very gracious about the drop; it's continuing to offer Google Toolbar for older version of Firefox, and even set up a Web page designed to help former Google Toolbar users find similar functions in Firefox 5 and above.

Check out the Google Toolbar blog for the full announcement.

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