Google Dumbs Down Web Concepts in Online Book

Paul Lilly

Maximum PC readers hardly need a primer on what browser cookies are, or what extensions and plug-ins do. At the same time, most of us know someone who could benefit from a plain English guide covering Web apps, HTML5, and a host of other topics, and that's where Google's new online book, "20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web," becomes a handy tool.

"'20 Things' is written by the Chrome team, and continues our tradition of finding new ways to help explain complex but fascinating ideas about technology," Google says . "Many of the examples used to illustrate the features of the browser refer back to Chrome."

The online book is built around HTML5, and once loaded you can disconnect from the Web and continue to flip through the pages. Topics range from the above mentioned ones to things like validating identities online, IP addresses and DNS, and malware on the Web.

Check it out here .

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